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Recent News:

01/10/2015 - Think Bike - New K3VLS Axial Piston Pump

The K3VLS is one of a number of new products being launched by Kawasaki in 2015, all of which can bring significant improvements in efficiency and controllability to agricultural and construction machinery..... Read More


01/12/2014 - New High Speed Axial Piston Motor

Kawasaki Precison Machinery have announced the launch of the first of a new range of high speed axial piston motors..... Read More


07/07/2014 - Controlability of the APV16 valve

This test set-up shows the wide range of controlability of the APV 16 valve. The low end flow meter can measure to around 1.5 lit/min so that is where we start, at a pump pressure of 30 Bar. Then we raise the pressure to the set pressure cut-off at just over 300 Bar..... Read More